Atomic Decomposition of Images: Advanced Methods in Image Processing
June 6th, 2016
Technion, Israel

Image Processing is a fascinating scientific field, offering ways to handle visual data by computers. How can an image be brought to be stored and processed by a computer? What kind of such processing could be done which are worthwhile? In the first part of this talk we shall describe the core ideas behind the field of image processing by answering these two questions. In the second part of the talk we shall turn to describe the recent research activity in Elad’s group in the Computer-Science department at the Technion, emphasizing the vast work done on harnessing sparse and redundant representation modeling to image processing needs.

This was given as an invited talk (in Hebrew) in the Technion's course "Scientific Discoveries" (114010), on June 6th, 2016. The same talk was also given to Computer-Science undergraduate students on June 8th, as part of the CSta-Cafe students' enrichment activity.