Image Denoising and Beyond via Learned Dictionaries and Sparse Representations
June 26th, 2008
Tel-Aviv University, Approximation Seminar, the Mathemathics department.

In this survey talk we focus on the use of sparse and redundant representations and learned dictionaries for image denoising and other related problems. We discuss the the K-SVD algorithm for learning a dictionary that describes the image content effectively. We then show how to harness this algorithm for image denoising, by working on small patches and forcing sparsity over the trained dictionary. The above is extended to color image denoising and inpainitng, video denoising, and facial image compression, leading in all these cases to state of the art results. We conclude with very recent results on the use of several sparse representations for getting better denoising performance. An algorithm to generate such set of representations is developed, and our analysis shows that by this method we approximate the minimum-mean-squared-error (MMSE) estimator, thus getting better results.

This talk survesy a wide group of papers, with statement of recent results obtained with Irad Yavneh.