Facial Image Compression using Patch-Ordering-Based Adaptive Wavelet Transform
April 19-24, 2015
ICASSP, Brisbane, Australia

Compression of frontal facial images is an appealing and important application. Recent work has shown that specially tailored algorithms for this task can lead to performance far exceeding JPEG2000. This paper proposes a novel such compression algorithm, exploiting our recently developed redundant tree-based wavelet transform. Originally meant for functions defined on graphs and cloud of points, this new transform has been shown to be highly effective as an image adaptive redundant and multi-scale decomposition. The key concept behind this method is reordering of the image pixels so as to form a highly smooth 1D signal that can be sparsified by a regular wavelet. In this work we bring this image adaptive transform to the realm of compression of aligned frontal facial images. Given a training set of such images, the transform is designed to best sparsify the whole set using a common feature-ordering. Our compression scheme consists of sparse coding using the transform, followed by entropy coding of the obtained coefficients. The inverse transform and a post-processing stage are used to decode the compressed image. We demonstrate the performance of the proposed scheme and compare it to other competing algorithms.

This poster was presented in ICASSP 2015. It has been accepted as an IEEE-SPL paper.