Sparse Modeling in Image Processing and Deep Learning
March 6, 2018
IMVC 2018, Tel-Aviv, Israel

Sparse approximation is a well-established theory, with a profound impact on the fields of signal and image processing. In this talk we start by presenting this model, and then turn to describe two special cases of it — the convolutional sparse coding (CSC) and its multi-layered version (ML-CSC). Amazingly, as we will carefully show, ML-CSC provides a solid theoretical foundation to … deep-learning. This talk is meant for newcomers to these fields – no prior knowledge on sparse approximation is assumed.

This is a KEYNOTE talk that was given in IMVC 2018, in Tel-Aviv. This talk was also given in a seminar in the Hebrew University of Jerusalm on May 21st 2018. This is a joint work with Vardan Papyan, Yaniv Romano, and Jeremias Sulam.