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Statistical Estimation

G. Ohayon, T. Michaelim and M. Elad, The Perception-Robustness Tradeoff in Deterministic Image Restoration, ICML, 2024.
T. Adrai, G. Ohayon, M. Elad and T. Michaeli, Deep Optimal Transport: A Practical Algorithm for Photo-realistic Image Restoration, Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS) 2023.
O. Belhasin, Y. Romano, D. Freedman, E. Rivlin, and M. Elad, Volume-Oriented Uncertainty for Inverse Problems, NeurIPS workshop on Deep Learning and Inverse Problems, 2023.
B. Kawar, G. Vaksman, and M. Elad, Stochastic Image Denoising by Sampling from the Posterior Distribution, ICCV 2021, AIM workshop.
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