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Optimization & Numerical Analysis

G. Bar-Shalom, G. Leifman, and Michael Elad, Weakly-Supervised Representation Learning for Video Alignment and Analysis, IEEE/CVF Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV), January 2024.
G. Kutiel, R. Cohen, M. Elad, D. Freedman, and E. Rivlin, Conformal prediction masks: Visualizing uncertainty in medical imaging, ICLR workshop on Trustworthy Machine Learning for Healthcare, 2023.
A. Golts and I. Livneh and Y. Zohar and A. Ciechanover and M. Elad, Simultaneous Detection and Classification of Partially and Weakly Supervised Cells, European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV) Workshops: Tel Aviv, Israel, October 23–27, 2022.
X.Y. Luo, H. Talebi, F. Yang, M. Elad and P. Milanfar, The Rate-Distortion-Accuracy Tradeoff: JPEG Case Study, IEEE Data Compression Conference, August 2021.
E. Zisselman, J. Sulam, and M. Elad, A Local Block Coordinate Descent Algorithm for the CSC Model, CVPR 2019. software
Y. Dar, M. Elad, and A.M. Bruckstein, Compression for Multiple Reconstructions, ICIP 2018, Athens, Greece, October 7-10, 2018.
Y. Dar, M. Elad and A.M. Bruckstein, System-Aware Compression, ISIT 2018, Colorado, USA, June 17-22, 2018.
A. Brifman, Y. Romano, and M. Elad, Turning a Denoiser into a Super-Resolver using Plug-and-Play-Priors, ICIP, Arizona, USA, September 25-28, 2016.
R. Giryes, Y.C. Eldar and M. Elad, Automatic Parameter Setting for Iterative Shrinkage Methods, The IEEE 25-th Convention of Electrical and Electronics Engineers in Israel, Eilat Israel, December 3-5, 2008.
M. Elad, B. Matalon, J. Shtok, and M. Zibulevsky, A Wide-Angle View at Iterated Shrinkage Algorithms, SPIE (Wavelet XII) 2007, San-Diego CA, August 26-29, 2007.
A. Averbuch, R.R. Coifman, D.L. Donoho, M. Elad, and M. Israeli, Accurate and Fast Polar Fourier Transform, The 37th Asilomar on Signals, Systems and Computers, Pacific Grove, CA. November 2003.
J. Tsaig, M. Elad, G. Golub, and P. Milanfar, Optimal Framework for Low Bit-Rate Block Coders, Proceedings of ICIP 2003.
M. Elad, P. Milanfar, and G. Golub, Estimation of Shape from Moments - Inverse Problem, The 36th Asilomar on Signals, Systems and Computers, Pacific Grove, CA. November 2002.
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